Developed by Reliable Technologies

Reliable Employee Management System or REMS is a complete solution for managing employees in an organisation. REMS is easy to install, set-up and use. With its multi-functional operations, REMS offers the most simple and effective means of tracking your employee's attendance, salary and other requirements.

The current version of REMS has the folloing four menu options:

1. Masters

  • Create Company

  • Create Departments

  • Create Locations

  • Create Employees

  • Set Holidays of the Company

  • Salary Component Master

2. Operations

  • Assigning Salary Components to Company

  • Entering Salary for the Employee

  • Edit Attendance Details

  • Salary Generation

  • Change Password

  • Payment

3. Tools

  • REMS Settings

  • Backup and Restore

  • Biometric Settings

4. Reports

  • Employee Attendance Report

  • Salary Report

  • Payslip