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Since 2007, Reliable Technologies have been developing and maintaning the website of Spirit Voyage Music - www.spiritvoyage.com. From 2007 till now it has been a very eventful journey with regards to the development of website.

Below are some of the highlights of the Website created by Reliable Technologies:

- Home PageThe client wanted the the home page to have a clean look at the same time to highlight products and services which the company offers. Over the years, the home page has been continuosly tweaked to attain this.

- Spirit Voyage Radio Built on Flash to enable the users of the website to listen to spiritual and yoga music. The digital radio has functionalities like Play, Pause, Forward and Volume Control. If you really like a particular music, you can straight away add it to your cart and proceed ahead with payment.

- Spirit Voyage Blog Built on the wordpress platform using the Hybrid News Theme - the blog is one of the primary way for the company to communicate with its customer. The client wanted us to ensure that the blog be created in a way that easy communication with the customer can be facilitated. The blog was created in a way that it can achieve the objective.

- Posture Pedia An encyclopedia on various different Yoga Postures. Here you will find in depth information about the Yoga Posture.

- Digital Downloads The users of the webstie can now download digital music as soon as the purchase is made. No more waiting for the CD’s to arrive. Just go ahead and download the music of your choice as soon as the order is placed online.

- Robust Backend and Integration with NetSuite There is a robust backend through which the front end of the website can be controlled. The website uses Netsuite for its ERP and CRM needs. The website has been created in such a way that it seamlessly integrates with Netsuite sending and receiveing data via Web Services wherever required.

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