Web Solutions

The most important online functionality is the shopping cart. Similar to the cart used when shopping in a departmental store, the shopping cart holds the items that the customer is planning to buy. It is a collection mechanism, which if tuned to perfection can lead to great increase in sales. Shopping Cart management have two discreet factors - OnSite and BackOffice

Onsite Shopping Cart Factors

As mentioned earlier, the shopping cart is the most important interface for the client. The cart should be designed in a fashion that adds brand value to the website. Proper management and functionality will not only provide the customer a memorable experience but also improve upon the average revenue per user (ARPU).

Adding a product, editing the quantity, removing the product from the cart are some of the basic functionalities that help to improve the shopping experience. The products should be categorised well and the same should be represented effectively in the cart. Additional features like 'best sellers', 'also bought' and 'you may also like' increase the product branding and adds value to the total purchase.

BackOffice Shopping Cart Factors

The facilities provided by the shopping cart can be controlled by the webmaster very easily through our modules. Features like Multiple Shipping, Mutliple Payment Solutions, Shipping and Tax Calculations can be controlled from an admin panel. Switching Payment Options and updating shipping information can be done in a click.