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A payment gateway provides secure online credit card authorization, processing, billing etc for e-commerce website. It holds the essence for any e-Commerce website. These gateways are offered by different banks in collaboration with a payment processor. Payment Gateways work along with the shopping cart management of the web store to complete the orders. There are a number of payment gateways available in the market currently. We have delevoped an expertise in payment gateway integration for most payment processors. We can do the payment integration for any shopping cart management system and you are not required to do any coding.

Payment Gateway Integration is a must for online selling. It provides you with a larger audience and customer base. The processing of the credit cards is in real time and there is no delay for the customer. Your store is available 24x7, 365 days in a year. Money is credited into your account either daily, weekly or monthly depending on the Payment Gateway.

A few of the payment gateways that we have the expertise in are - EBS, Eazy2Pay, CC Avenue, ICICI Payseal, Paypal, Authorize.Net, CC Now, Google Checkout, Net Suite, 2checkout.com and more.