Search Engine Optimization

Today over 60% of the entire web traffic is generated from the search engines. Over 80% of commercial transaction have their origin from a search result. With plethora of websites available for any and everything, search result ranking has become very important. Even when you have taken great pains and spent a great deal of your time and money to get the website made, it is of no good without quality traffic.

There are two distinct ways for generating traffic to your site:

The ROI which will be generated with good SEO will be much higher than other traditional forms of marketing. Thats a guarantee. If you are ranked on the first page (first 10 results) it speaks a lot about you and your website and provides you great advantage over others. Customers have more faith in your website and its products / services if it is listed in top 10. Simple logic for that is that people have known to trust Google so much that if you get your website ranked well, then some of that trust gets passed over to your website too. People trust the relevancy of the search results. Promoting yourself to relevant search results is the most important factor in SEO.

Can we fulfill that need?

There are no quick fix solution for SEO. SEO requires time and patience as there are numerous factors involved. If your websites is not ranked in the first few of pages, it will take a lot of effort and analysis to get it there. We have a huge experience and have been offering SEO services to our clients since 1999 and have helped quite a few websites achieve 1st page ranking in Google, Yahoo and MSN. We have a number of SEO packages from which you could select which suits you the best.

SEO is broadly divided into 3 segments