Web Solutions

The success of an e-Commerce website depends on two primary factors - 1. Customer Relation Management 2. Operator Record Maintainence, which contribute to make the site more user-friendly for the end-customer and more back-office friendly for our clients.

Customer Relation Management

Ease of use of a website is the most important factor which results into secondary repeat sales. Our powerful customer maintainence experience gives us the upper hand to provide to our clients an e-Commerce website which will enable them to enrich their customer's online experience. Our Customer Tools include

  • Account creation and maintainence
  • Complete Sales & Interaction History
  • Preference and Browsing Behaviors
  • Optional features like Address book, reminders, wish list etc.

Operator Record Maintainence

Back-Office factors and operations should be streamlined in order to maintain optimum level of efficiency. Our Operator Record maintainence will allow you to create a structured responsive order management system. This system will allow you to keep complete track of all levels of operations. Our Operator Systems include

  • Separate account of each employee
  • Menu driven access to each sub-function
  • Creating levels of access for each employee
  • Complete operations history of Order/Employee