Web Solutions

Analysis and report generation is time consuming. Reports helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Reports help to analyze website traffic sources and demographical statistics. It gives information on user behaviour and provides insight into their choice. Reports help to improve usability, accessibility, performance, credibility and even search engine ranking.

Our expertise integrates the best available analysis services with business to present reports with respect to users and thier preferences. It will also provide with statistics that will provide an insight into the popularity of the website. Reports help to analyze most popular pages and your best selling products. This helps to improve ROI. Financial statistics help to analyse profit and relate them to marketing expenses.

Keyword reports help to know what keywords are being used by users to look for the website. These reports help in SEO efforts and help to improve the search engine ranking for that keyword.

Google Analytics and Statcounter are one of the most popular analysis service and both are provided for free. Statcounter also provides premium services which are very important for an e-commerce website.